About Us

Who We Are

NEMAC is an applied research center at UNC Asheville.

We specialize in science communication and the development of decision support tools to enhance community and landscape resilience. Our interdisciplinary team of expert science translators are driven to make science usable and accessible. 


NEMAC empowers our partners by creating data-driven products to ensure a more resilient future for all.


At NEMAC we are interested in helping people make data-informed decisions about environmental change and resilience. We’re an interdisciplinary Applied Research Center at UNC Asheville, and we specialize in trying to help decision-makers make decisions about climate and landscape change. Our goal is to support our partners by serving as an effective bridge between science producers and science users.


Our world is experiencing an unprecedented amount of climatic and environmental change and we want to ensure that all communities and the natural environment are able to withstand and adapt to this change. We do this by providing data-driven tools to aid decision-making. 

Our products and services are widely varied, and include web applications and content management systems, interactive mapping applications, 3D visualizations, narrative content development, and workshop training. We excel at synthesizing and integrating data, creating tools and visualizations, fostering understanding, and providing decision support to help our partners achieve resilience solutions.