Buncombe County Multi-Hazard Risk Tool

Geospatial hazard viewer
A screen capture of a GIS map of Buncombe County from the Risk Tool

The Buncombe County Multi-Hazard Risk Tool was developed by NEMAC to help emergency responders and planners prepare response and mitigation plans by providing information about the hazards that affect Buncombe County, the areas of the county that are affected by each hazard, the number of and total value of property parcels at risk from each hazard, and the key infrastructure and critical resources at risk during a hazard event.

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Mapping Hazard Areas

The Risk Tool includes five important hazards in Buncombe County: flood, landslide, wildfire, dam failure, and winter storm. NEMAC created maps for each hazard by intersecting a map of property parcels with maps of hazard extents obtained from trusted sources, such as the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Southern Group of State Foresters, and the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program.

Planning Technology

Using ESRI server technology to serve datasets through the web, NEMAC developed the Risk Tool to help Emergency Operations Center staff update hazard mitigation plans more quickly and efficiently than before.

Creating Better Decisions

The Risk Tool helps provide information to the small towns and municipalities in Buncombe County, where planners do not have extensive in-house GIS resources. This helps foster well-informed decisions that affect entire communities.

A Valuable Resource

The Risk Tool facilitates online reporting and retrieval of geospatial information throughout the county and helps ensure a common base of geographic data available for hazard planning and response.

Reliable Data

The Multi-Hazard Risk Tool uses data from a variety of trusted sources, including census data, recorded deeds, satellite and aerial photographs, and hazard layers generated by state geologists and hydrographers.