Comparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools

Workshops and training for decision making
Representatives from the U.S. Forest Service and NEMAC at a CRAFT workshop

The Comparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools (CRAFT) is designed to give natural resource managers a structured approach to making difficult decisions. To test and refine this design, NEMAC conducts CRAFT workshops and training with multiple sets of decision-making groups locally, regionally, and nationally. CRAFT workshops are supported by online decision support tools that help participants access relevant data and documents and communicate among members of their team. ยป

CRAFT Training

A typical CRAFT workshop leads participants through a structured process using group exercises and team work. This one- to two-day training emphasizes the importance of focusing on measurable stakeholder values, understanding trade-offs associated with different scenarios, and examining the likelihood of certain effects.

Project Portal

A password-protected web page hosts all of the web tools the team will need to complete the CRAFT process. This includes a wizard, a GIS viewer, a document library, a visualization library, an action item application to keep team members on task, a team list for tracking contact information, and a calendar of team events and deadlines.

GIS Viewer

This online resource allows teams to view geospatial data and remotely see on their own computers multiple datasets that are relevant to their CRAFT project.

CRAFT Wizard

Found in the project portal, the CRAFT Wizard takes the user through a step-by-step process allowing for input and providing guidance. The Wizard allows the team to document each step as they follow the systematic process of researching and gathering information.

Learning Modules

This interactive web tutorial illustrates how to build an objectives hierarchy and conceptual model, and explains modeling probabilities with a Bayesian Belief Network. The tutorial allows you to page through several key sections of CRAFT, one page at a time.


A wiki that allows users to search terms, definitions, and other resources that may be helpful during the CRAFT process.