Science Communication

Science Communication

Communicating and delivering complex science to decision-makers

Toolkit Example

Climate Resilience Toolkit

The U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, a website co-developed and co-managed by NEMAC and NOAA’s Climate Program Office, provides scientific tools, information, and expertise to help people manage their climate-related risks and opportunities, and improve their resilience to extreme events. The site is designed to serve interested citizens, communities, businesses, resource managers, planners, and policy leaders at all levels of government.

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Climate Indicators

The United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) hosts a platform that delivers key climate information highlighting the Program’s data and providing technical input for reports such as the National Climate Assessment. NEMAC works with the USGCRP Indicators team to develop static and dynamic graphics that help communicate these key climate messages.

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Landslide Hazard Tools

The North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS), under a 2005 state mandate, is charged with providing maps showing landslide vulnerability in western NC. NEMAC has partnered with the NCGS to support the delivery of accurate landslide hazard data through visualizations, an online map viewer, and guided online stories, making it easy for various audiences to access, interact with, and understand landslide hazard data.

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