NEMAC and UNC Asheville

NEMAC on the Cover of UNCAsheville Magazine

As the only dedicated liberal arts institution in the University of North Carolina system, UNC Asheville kindles learning by offering students an intellectually rigorous education that builds critical thinking and workforce skills to last a lifetime. Small class size, award-winning faculty, and a nationally acclaimed undergraduate research program foster innovation as well as recognition. About 3,700 undergraduate students and about 330 full- and part-time faculty bring the campus alive with a genuine hunger to understand and contribute to the human experience.

It is NEMAC’s goal to benefit the University in expanding ways to promote faculty and undergraduate research and scholarship. NEMAC pursues this goal through collaborations with government and private professionals. These collaborations have provided opportunities for student and faculty research to reach beyond the campus, and have also provided grant funding for equipment and resources now available to the research community at UNC Asheville. In addition, NEMAC staff enjoy contributing to the campus community by offering lectures, related courses, and serving as adjunct instructors.

To read more about NEMAC, download a PDF article that appeared in UNC Asheville Magazine.