Current Projects

  • Iceberg

    NOAA Climate Program Office, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites–North Carolina, and NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information

    The climate record contains multiple types of data from various sources. Data collected every month from around the globe continues this record and adds to how we understand the history of the Earth’s climate and the changes that are now occurring. NEMAC... Read More
  • Map depicting the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative regional extent

    U.S. Forest Service EFETAC; Appalachian LCC

    NEMAC is supporting the U.S. Forest Service Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center and the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Ecosystem Benefits and Risks project. The project presents and summarizes a body of studies... Read More
  • Map of the Southern Appalachian area

    Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere (SAMAB) Foundation

    The healthy interaction of our world’s natural, human, built and economic systems sustains our quality of life, and maintaining a balance among their many demands poses difficult challenges. In an effort to address these challenges, UNC Asheville's NEMAC... Read More
  • Yosemite National Park

    Wildland Fire Leadership Council

    In 2016, NEMAC entered into a partnership with the Wildland Fire Leadership Council following our involvement with the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy. This partnership recognized a need to provide an integrated platform for large... Read More
  • Screen capture from the tool

    North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

    The Division of Mitigation Services of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality partnered with NEMAC to develop a web-based tool that will display Targeted Resource Areas and identify watersheds where ecological and hydrological function... Read More